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Dongwook Lee at Arario Gallery

I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.

— Kurt Vonnegut  (via psych-facts)


Some of my Yves Tanguy favorites:

1. The Furniture of Time

2. The Mirage of Time

3. Second Thoughts

4. The Hunted Sky

5. From Green to White

6. Phantoms

7. Fear II

8. This Morning

9. Zone of Instability

10. Rose of the Four Winds


Scott Everingham

1. Steel Fires

2. Neighborly

3. Memory Tent

4. Theme

5. Cotton Lodge

6. The Bungalow

7. The Boardwalkers

8. For the Sparrows

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If I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.

          -Hayao Miyazaki (x)

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